Dealing with losses and unsuccessful bets

Dealing with losses and unsuccessful bets

Our editor reveals ways to deal with betting losses and unsuccessful bets.

When it comes to serious betting on sports betting, the truth is that losing bets are a daily occurrence and a normal thing. However, different people deal with losses differently and whether you have a successful tactic in preventing them from affecting you negatively is very important.

What type of player are you?

There are generally 4 types of players:


This is a player who only bets for pleasure. Fans usually bet small amounts relatively infrequently, sometimes on accumulators. For them, bets are more of a social experience - having fun with friends, motivation is not financial.


These players are betting more often, in most cases every week, their betting is a hobby. They do not bet big sums, they like the social aspect of betting, but they are also genuinely interested in the sports they are betting on. Sports are part of their lives, and betting is another way to relive their love for it.


The gambler will bet every time he can. This column includes people for whom gambling is a passion to the extent that it can turn into a problem and a driving force in their lives, not well.

A professional

Serious players view betting as their own business. They aim to make a long-term profit from their business and invest time and effort to increase their chances of making a long-term profit, day after day, week after week. Although they find pleasure in what they do, the main thing for them is to make the right decisions, follow their strategy and make money.

What type of player are you?

It is extremely helpful for every player to know what he or she wants from betting and what column he or she falls into.

Ask yourself - what are your goals? Want to make quick money? Want to have fun with friends? How do you deal with losses? Are you serious about being a long-term successful player?

If you are a fan or a weekend bettor - it doesn't matter how you deal with the losses, the thrill and fun with your friends around the sport is important to you.

If you are a gambler and cannot stop betting, it is a good idea to seek help.

In reality - only if you are a serious player or want to become one - should you also analyze how you deal with losses.

Types of reactions to losing bets

Losing bets, mistakes, the pain of losing money - these are the things that are normal for betting professionals. So - the important thing is how the player handles them, because they will inevitably happen.

In losing a bet or series of bets, there are generally 3 types of reactions.

  • A player who is angry about lost money and wants to pay it back immediately - betting on the first possible match.
  • A player who is also angry about lost money - but stops betting indefinitely so as not to lose more money.
  • The third type is much less common than the other two. These are players who take in the air, look at the loss, check whether they have made a mistake and whether there is something to improve - and move on with their bets. They look for success in the long run and know that it comes with many successful and unsuccessful bets.

Controlling emotions

Controlling emotions is much easier said than done. This is also one of the main reasons why most players cannot be successful professionals.

It is important to control your emotions that you do not delve into a specific bet or a failed day. As long as you are confident in your ability to be a good player in your field - concentration and focus should always be on making the best possible bets where there is value. With this approach to sports betting and the knowledge that the goal is always success after 1000 bets, not after 1 or 5 - controlling emotions will be more possible.

Don't get dizzy when you make money

Although this article is about dealing with losses, it is worth paying attention to the good times too - because, oddly enough, mistakes can also be made when dealing with them. After some good winnings or a very successful succession of bets - the feeling of course is great. We all know this "I am the best" feeling. But we also have to be careful about these moments - because sometimes it makes us more focused, sloppy and leads to bad bets.

The best do not fall too low in losses and do not fly too high in profits. They keep concentration, focus on their strategy - and move on.